High School

The high school student at Romeoville Christian Academy can select a program of study to receive one of two diplomas: General or College Preparatory. The major subjects are Bible, math, social studies, science, and English along with an array of elective courses.

Some courses on the high school and junior high levels are given on an alternate year basis so the sequence may vary. A wide variety of electives are offered that could include from the following list: Accounting I & II, Algebra II, Advanced Computers, Analytical Geometry, Band, Business and Personal Finance, Business Math, Chemistry, Choir, Communicative Arts, Culinary Arts and Fashion Construction, Future Christian Teachers, Geometry, History Today, Journalism, Keyboarding, Physics, Pre-Calculus, foreign languages through Rosetta Stone, Tone Chimes, Trigonometry, Visual Arts, Yearbook, and Student Aide.

Subject                  College Prep          General

Bible                            2                  4

Language Arts              4                  4

Social Studies               4                  4

Math                           3                  3         Alg. I and Geometry are Required

Science                       3                  2         Phy. Sci. and Biol. are Required

Phys. Ed./Health          1                  1

Foreign Language        1                  0

Electives                     4                  3

Total Semester Hours   24               21

Students are also required to take either the ACT or the SAT Test for graduation.

Students in grades 9-12 are classified according to the number of semester credits earned:

Grade   Class       Credits Earned

9       Freshman           0

10      Sophomore     6-12

11      Junior           13-18

12      Senior           19-28

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