Tuition and Fees

Financial Information

Romeoville Christian Academy receives its income from tuition and fees, not from state or federal funds. Therefore, it is important that all tuition and fees be paid when due. Students are not allowed to start the school year if the school bill is not current. Also, if an account is not current, the student may not be allowed to return to class until the bill has been paid in full. All accounts must be current in order participate in athletics, graduations, field trips, and other special events. There is a late charge for those accounts with overdue balances. Tuition is collected by FACTS Management.

Application/Testing Fee

This fee is charged to all new students for the administration of their placement testing.

Registration Fee

This fee is charged each year to returning and to new students alike. New students should pay this with their application, and returning students should pay this by March 1 to avoid an increase in the registration fee.

Tuition Payments

FACTS Management handles all tuition billing and collection. All tuition bills are to be paid by the fifth or twentieth of each month (which ever you choose), beginning in August and ending in May. Consult the Monthly Tuition Schedule to determine the amount you will pay. A late charge of $30.00 will be assessed on all accounts not received by the due date. If an account falls behind by the end of the month, your child will not be able to attend school until it is paid or a payment schedule is arranged with the School Committee. If a situation arises which prohibits payment of an account, it is the responsibility of the parents to notify the school office to request a possible extension to make payment. If tuition, fees, or fines are unpaid at the completion of the school term, report cards or other records will not be issued until the debt is paid. The participation in graduation ceremonies and any class trips would be in jeopardy if the school bill was not paid in full.

Student Fees

Our fees are due on July 1 of each year. This includes books, Parent’s Web, academic awards, curriculum aids, art supplies, two field trips a year, science supplies, technology fee, association fees, yearbook, fine art program expenses, sports gate fees, awards, and student accident insurance, as well as school improvement.

Other Fees

Could include: some field trips, extended-care fee, athletic participation fees, PE uniform fee and music lessons fees. There are also fees for late charges, withdrawal fees, and discipline fees. See school financial sheet.


Advance Scholarship

$250 tuition reduction if entire year paid

Student Referral Scholarship

$500 tuition reduction for recruiting a family to attend RCA

Ministry Scholarship

Tuition reduction when head of household gains their principle income from full-time vocational ministry (40+ hours of active work)